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Video Shoot


Graduating from Bournemouth University in 2010 and immediately going to work for Disney in their internship scheme, I quickly learnt that the art of understanding and relating to your audience is key to any success you may have.

Moving up through Disney, becoming a Junior Producer off of the back of the internship, a short form Marketing Producer for a year and then a full time Promo Producer, I cut my creative teeth working for for over 15 countries with 8 different languages. I was also expected to deliver 2-3 campaigns a month in each of these languages, challenging my creativity and organisational skills. It also meant learning how to direct and produce shoots across Europe. Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic as well as up and down the UK were a staple.

The next step was moving away from Disney to work for Turner Broadcasting. This meant heading up a team of freelance creative Producers working on campaigns aimed at multiple regions in the Middle East. It also meant Directing and Producing bespoke animation, illustration, live-action and promotional campaigns.

It was now time to set up my own company and become my own boss for a bit. Freelance work for ABC (The Great American Baking Show), Sony (Gran Tourismo World Series) and Beano kept me more than occupied and well travelled.

Having a young family meant that it was time for a new challenge, with new brands and a new role. News UK offered the opportunity to work with clients such as BMW, Microsoft and Aviva. More shoots up and down the UK, more bespoke animation and GFX, and more challenges.

10 years in and I'm just getting started...

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